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Wildlife are animal items that can be hunted for their SenseIcon Carcass.png carcasses.

Specific wildlife that is neutral or hostile can be hunted, which can then be harvested for SenseIcon Carcass.png Mammal Meat or SenseIcon Carcass.png Oviparous Meat. Some carcasses also allow the harvesting of SenseIcon HardBone.pngHard Bones from them.

There are four types of wildlife and each responds in a different way:

  • Wild Animals - Mostly passive behavior. They will run away if approached, but will attack then flee if they are cornered or if you get too close to the animal.
  • Irascible Threats - Mostly passive behavior. If approached, they will attempt to intimidate and if a return intimidation isn't successful, they will attack and then flee.
  • Crawling Threats - Behavior similar to that of Irascible Threats. They will attempt to intimidate before attacking and will not back down once approached.
  • Predators - Aggressive behavior. They will actively pursue if they spot you and attack. Each one has different attacking behaviors and specialized patterns of combat.

Crawling Threats[edit | edit source]

Irascible Threats[edit | edit source]

Predators[edit | edit source]

Wild Animals[edit | edit source]