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Under-The-Falls Oasis
Under-The-Falls Oasis.png
Location type: Oasis
Icon: Region Great Lake Icon.png
Biome: Great Lake

Under-The-Falls Oasis is an oasis landmark in the Region Great Lake Icon.png Great Lake biome.


A wide, shallow water basin with plentiful food and plentiful resources offers a fine spot to settle down. This place also offers a wide arrangement of local wild game, predators, and birds. It is also guarded on both sides of the waterfall by Black Machairodus. You'll find hominids for your clan primarily around the top of the waterfall, and around it. This is a big settlement, however the size of it is deceiving as you'll notice you are out of the settlement without actually being outside the waterfall. This can leave you open to being attacked.

If you want excellent protection from predators, you can construct MindIcon BranchBarrier.png Branch Barriers for both open sides to reduce where predators can enter this oasis. Three or four connected branch barriers should suffice for each side.


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