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The Father Tree
The Father Tree.png
Location type: Memorable Location
Icon: Region Jungle Icon.png
Biome: Jungle

The Father Tree is a memorable location landmark in the Region Jungle Icon.png Jungle biome.


This is rather a fitting name for this area: growing on the top of the cliffs and overlooking the Jungle, this gigantic old tree seems to be reaching for the sky.

Be careful not to jump from the far side, as the tree is slightly overhanging the cliff. Lets just say: Hominids don't fly very well.

The big tree roots clinging to the cliff are one of the few places where you can easily climb the cliff, by the way.

Being such a tall tree, this is a great place for getting your bearings.


The Father Tree - Daytime.png The Father Tree - Meteorites.png

The Father Tree is so large that you have to climb the tree at least halfway to be able to really enjoy the view around the tree. However, if you climb almost to the top and carefully look out on the horizon, you can faintly see the outline of the Region Canyon Icon.png Canyon biome. You can see one of the last biomes from the very first one that's how tall this tree is.


  • Enemy Eagle.png Bateleur Eagle - Be aware that eagle nest(s) can be found in the large tree and neighboring trees so stay vigilant!



Items of Interest[]

When you discover this oasis, it triggers three SenseIcon Meteorite.png Meteorites.

It isn't immediately clear but three meteorites fall. A single one flies first and then two after that. Carefully watching the video that plays shows three meteorites but the camera angle changes quickly between views and this can make it hard to see the third one.