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The Crocodiles Island
The Crocodiles Island.png
Location type: Memorable Location
Icon: Region Great Lake Icon.png
Biome: Great Lake

The Crocodiles Island is a memorable location landmark in the Region Great Lake Icon.png Great Lake biome.


This location is an island in the middle of a small lake. Between the shoreline and the island there is a large fallen tree trunk, colonized by African Agaric Fungus, which connects the surrounding lake shore with the island. It is possible to swim to this island but there are dangers in the water and using the fallen tree trunk is a much safer way to access this island.

Surprisingly there are no Crocodile Eggs to be found on this island despite the name of this location.


The Crocodiles Island - Daytime.png


The Hippos are located on and around the lake's shoreline and not on the island. They do swim in the water but never roam onto the island. Be very careful if you choose to swim in the waters around the island as they can come after you.



Items of Interest[]

This location has a SenseIcon Meteorite site.png Meteorite Site with a SenseIcon Meteorite.png Meteorite.