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The Broken Arch
The Broken Arch.png
Location type: Memorable Location
Icon: Region Savanna Icon.png
Biome: Savanna

The Broken Arch is a memorable location landmark in the Region Savanna Icon.png Savanna biome.


Similar to The Door To Savanna, The Broken Arch is a navigational beacon to find the border between the Savanna and the Region Canyon Icon.png Canyon.

It is a hot, dry area with Black-Backed Jackals roaming around and very scarce resources. Be prepared, it´s not getting better from here on!


The Broken Arch - Daytime.png

The Hyenas can in this area can be avoided. While they might roam around, they often sleep on top of the rocks. Just walk under the rocks and they won't bother you.


Items of Interest

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