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This is a template to accelerate the production of pleasing and easy-to-read infoboxes for animals in the game.

This template should be used only for animals/insects. You'll find more templates here and you can create a new one if needed. Don't forget to ask for help or read about Writing Templates if needed.


{{Infobox animal
| name      = (Name of the animal. By default, empty string will output the page name.)
| image     = (Discovery image of the animal.)
| latinname = (In-game Latin name of the animal.)
| temper    = (Animal type - use this coding to display a hyperlink - [[Animals#Crawling Threats|Crawling Threat]], [[Animals#Irascible Threats|Irascible Threat]], [[Animals#Predators|Predator]], [[Animals#Wild Animals|Wild Animal]]
| habitat   = (Biomes, places, and or locations you can find animal.)
| items     = (Items you can get after butchering or already butchered animal carcass.)


Black Machairodus
Black Machairodus.png
Latin name: Machaidorus giganteus niger
Temperament: Predator
Habitat(s): Open areas.
 • SenseIcon Carcass.png Mammal Meat
 • SenseIcon HardBone.pngHard Bone

{{Infobox animal
| name      = Black Machairodus
| image     = Black Machairodus.png
| latinname = Machaidorus giganteus niger
| temper    = Aggressive
| habitat   = Open areas.
| items     = {{*}}[[File:SenseIcon Carcass.png|28px]] [[Mammal Meat]]<br>{{*}}[[File:SenseIcon HardBone.png|24px]][[Hard Bone]]