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Anyone else think that the devs were a bit confused?[]

For some reason neither a RHINO nor a buffalo can kill you. But a lone jackel can kill you. Y'all do know what a jackel is. It's a fox but more angry. Ik nothing can be done but dang. You'd think a rhino would be able to kill a person before a fox does. Not really a question but just wanted to know if anyone had any idea as to why they chose this. And at first I thought it was because it wasent a predator. But then I remembered the otter. An otter. An. Otter. An otter can kill you but apparently a rhinos horn Is for show not for goring the hominid (I guess any thing could kill you if it was strong enough to hold ur head under water. I mean in real life a swan got mad at this dude messing with her eggs and drowned the poor guy) but still. You would think that the rhino would kill you before an angry fox. Greatest Ape (talk) 04:12, 11 December 2020 (UTC)

Hey Greatest Ape,
I thought about this for a bit and I think I have an answer.
It's predator and prey in this game. If you are food, you can be attacked and instant killed. Otters in real life can crack open mussels and eat meat so they aren't plant eaters. And in this game, they pick the huge and horrible monster versions of animals from the past that can kill and eat your hominid. Like the Pelican is huge and can eat you, the eagle too.
While the Rhino is big, it doesn't eat meat and just bum rushes you and does broken bones damage.
The otter in this game is pretty big and so you are food for it. The Rock python can eat you, but the mambas can only poison you. In real life if a black mamba struck you - you'd not just get better but have a real chance of dying but your ape can just "get better". It hurts them but it isn't fatal.
I think they were going for realism in this game from historical animals and your hominid isn't at the top of the food chain - but somewhere in the middle. Some stuff will eat you, some stuff will just toss you aside like toothpicks because you are bothering them. That way you have to work hard to earn your place in the evolution tree. :)
Just my thoughts on it after thinking for a bit an based on how they did other stuff realistic with plant names and neuron stuff. :) --GS877 (talk) 05:21, 11 December 2020 (UTC)
I get what you're saying. However. Hippos and elephants kill you too. Now elephants get a pass because if an elephant can't kill you that be stupid. But hippos can. And they don't eat meat. I u derdtand where your coming from but the logic fails once you consider the hippo. Greatest Ape (talk)
I agree with you that they weren't consistent Greatest Ape. Likely the hippo has a huge mouth and can chomp down on you easily. Even if the don't eat you, they can crush your little body with huge teeth. The Rhino horn would be more of a lucky hit to "spear" you and instant kill you. So maybe they decided to not have that as a death mechanism. I get the elephant being huge and crushing down on you size wise. Most of the other animals make sense because they want to eat you but those ones like you said are sort of their group of animals who don't eat you but some can kill you. --GS877 (talk) 18:25, 11 December 2020 (UTC)