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Genetic mutations[]

It seems that on every game start the very first child, acquires the Nutrient Absorption (BB ME 01) mutation. This is a very important one to get, so it might very well be some hard-coded default thing. When I then discovered my first meteorite site, I got only 5 mutations as one of them (might have been BB ME 01) was duplicate, i.e. present in to children. Haven't played on, this game is infuriatingly frustrating. 14:41, 12 February 2021 (UTC)

There is a 50% chance that every new born baby gets a genetic mutation. I've seen where sometimes the first baby has no mutation. Then you might see it with the second baby.
They made the game to be that way - sometimes you get the mutation, sometimes you don't. There is no way to know which ones will drop either. It appears to be random but with certain patterns. There are likely "pools" of genetic mutations that are made available as you play the game. You likely add to that pool as you discover new neurons and unlock additional potential. There is likely a small pool to start and it just grows very quickly as you play but the developers don't give away what they are or which ones might appear. I've never seen a pattern of which ones specifically will drop but likely there are certain ones that occur first - like the BB ME 01 or other ones closer to the "central" circle of neuronal energy as these are early in each neuronal branch. Also, different branches of the neuronal tree are unlocked as you continue through time, so you wouldn't see certain mutations until you've actually evolved enough though trial and error to build your hominids. You aren't going to find the three genetic mutations linked to the Ardipithecus Ramidus (neuronal branch) until you actually are evolved enough to reached Ardipithecus Ramidus.
The game on purpose doesn't give you much help. They actually had much less help and much less on screen displays until they made patches. They actually give more help than they did before and people really struggled before that. They want you to struggle and to learn on your own - so you feel satisfaction in learning to do new things - but it can be maddeningly frustrating because you can miss so much good stuff. That's why this wiki was created - to give help.
It's important to note that even if you unlock a neuron using actions, don't stop doing that action. Like bleeding, you think it is bad to bleed - but it actually unlocks additional much more advanced neurons. Same with broken bones - you think you have to heal yourself right away so you aren't limping but there are actually neurons that deal with walking around while hurt - you actually get stronger by continuing to do things. Yes, you do get stronger medicines by using medicines (and how the medicines work) so curing yourself is good - but actually staying hurt also helps you. So it's not always intuitive that you should continue to perform actions both good and bad (even after you get the first couple of neurons). Smelling animals or food - you should keep doing that until the entire neurons branch is filled out. And not just the same items - smell all animals or all food - sometimes it's groups of animals or groups of food - you have to constantly keep repeating what you have done before to continue to grow. :) --GS877 (talk) 19:31, 12 February 2021 (UTC)