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Take Item is an action performed by pressing the appropriate button when available.

Items can be taken from other hominids. This allows you to take helpful items like weapons or food or medicinal substances from other hominids.

This action also allows you to make sure you have needed items without you having to switch to the other hominid, drop the item, and the switch back to pick up the items for that hominid.

This action is the opposite of the Give ico 84.png Give action.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Take Item only appears if another hominid has items that can be taken from them. As long as the other hominid hasn't eaten the item or caused it to disappear from the game, it is possible to take the item from them. For example - another hominid in your clan has a MindIcon DeadBranch.pngDead Branch, you can take that Dead Branch.

If the current hominid already has items in their hands, the action Give ico 84.png Trade Items will show instead of Take Item.