Taami Berry Bush

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Taami Berry Bush
Taami Berry Bush 2.png
Item type: Plant
Location(s): Jungle
Alterable: Yes
Consumable: No
Source of Taami Berry

Description[edit | edit source]

The Taami Berry Bush is a small bush where you can find small red berry clusters that can be collected for food.

Taami Berry Bush.jpg

Uses[edit | edit source]

The Taami Berry Bush can be Grab ico.png grabbed forSenseIcon Taami.pngTaami Berry.

Taami berries will reduce Hunger ico.png hunger and a very small amount of Thirst ico.png thirst when Eat ico.png eaten. Berries have a ripeness that can be inspected prior to picking them up, the more reddish/pink a berry is, the safer it is to eat. Eating unripe berries can result in Food Poisoning minor ico.png Food Poisoning major ico.png Food Poisoning.