Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki

Switch Hand or Switch Hands is an action performed by pressing the appropriate button when available.

This action is used to change hands. This could be swapping an empty hand for an item causing the other hand to be empty. This could also be switching items from both hands.

Some actions require you to have an item in a specific hand or a free hand. Applying, altering, Dip ico 128.pngdipping, Grab ico.png grabbing, Grind ico 128.png grinding, Hit ico 128.png hitting, inspecting, Lift ico 128.pnglifting, Poke ico 128.pngpoking, and Strip ico 128.png stripping all require a specific hand be free or have an item in the correct hand to have the action prompt appear.

This action is not the same as the Switch action which is used to change which hominid you are actively controlling.


The Motor Skill (MS 01) neuron gives the ability to switch hands. Learning additional neurons enhances the ability to switch hands.

This action will only appear if you have an item in either hand or both hands. Press the appropriate button and the item (or items) will change hands.


The following neurons impact switching hands.

Image Neuron Neuronal Branch Genetic
Communication - Imitation - CM 06.png Imitation (CM 06) Communication No It is now possible to ask clan members to mimic switching hand and altering a particular item.

DOUBLE-TAP (button) for the clan members close to you to mimic your action—if they have the same item in their hand.
Dexterity - Item Manipulation - DE 01.png Item Manipulation (DE 01) Dexterity No The ability to switch an item from one hand to the other while moving is acquired.

TAP (button) to switch an item from one hand to the other while moving.
Motricity - Motor Skill - MS 01.png Motor Skill (MS 01) Motricity No The ability to switch hands with an item is acquired.

TAP (button) to switch hands with an item.