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Swamp's meteorite site
Swamp's meteorite site.png
Location type: Meteorite Site
Icon: SenseIcon Meteorite site.png
Biome: Jungle

Swamp's meteorite site is a meteorite site landmark.

This SenseIcon Meteorite site.png Meteorite Site is located near the The Big Swamp in the Region Jungle Icon.png Jungle biome.

Triggering Event[]

Discovering the Hidden Waterfall Oasis in the Jungle biome triggers this SenseIcon Meteorite.png Meteorite to fall.

Hidden Waterfall Oasis - Meteorite.png


It is unclear why, but the Evolution Feat for this meteorite says Found the meteorite of the Little Swamp site but that isn't the name used for this meteorite like most other meteorites use. It actually is much closer to The Big Swamp than The Little Swamp location. The name appears to be a combination of both locations into "Swamp's" and it is likely an error that the feat says "Little" in the name.