Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki


A Stockpile is a group of similar items.

While holding an item, you can place similar items into a stockpile using Add To Pile.png Add To Pile.


A stockpile of Carissa Berries

All items which can be interacted with can be piled into a stockpile. Even rare items such as SenseIcon Meteorite.png Meteorites and MindIcon Powerstone.png Precious Stones can be piled.

The stockpile cannot contain infinite items and is limited 25 items per stockpile.

Stockpiles stop changing visually in the game after adding 11 items to the stockpile, however you can still add up to 25 items to the stockpile.

Stockpiles can be accessed by clan members when given the mimic order.

Some stockpiles of items can be picked up and moved with the carry action. This allows moving the stockpile as a single item instead of having to pick up and move each item individually.

When progressing from one stage of evolution to the next, your clan will be moved from their MindIcon Settlement.png Settlement to a different location. Stockpiles or found treasures will remain at the old settlement and can be collected if you return there.

Stockpiles for construction[]

Some items require you to have a stockpile before another new item can be created through construction. The stockpile must have the required number of items before the new item can be constructed.

The construction stockpile requirement can be reduced by learning the Building (NE 01) and Building Efficiency (NE 02) neurons.


You can collect several SenseIcon Snail.pngGiant African Snails and put them in a stockpile for later consumption, they will not spoil with the passage of time.

SenseIcon Carcass.png Mammal Meat can only have a stockpile of ten pieces of meat.