Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki
Latin name: Lignum
Item type: Tool
Obtained: Hitting
Location(s): Dead Branch
Alterable: Yes
Consumable: No
Force multiplier


The Stick is a tool item and weapon.

How to create[]

TheMindIcon Stick.pngStick can obtained by Strip ico 128.png stripping a MindIcon DeadBranch.pngDead Branch using your hands.

The Stick can also be created by Hit ico 128.png hitting aMindIcon DeadBranch.pngDead Branch with most rocks or hard tools.

How to use[]

The Stick can be altered into a SenseIcon SharpStick.pngSharpened Stick by Hit ico 128.png hitting with any rock or a hard tool. It is also possible to directly create a Sharpened Stick by using most rocks or hard tools on a Dead Branch, although this will take additional swings.

The Stick can be used to obtain SenseIcon Bass.pngBass orSenseIcon Crayfish.pngCrayfish by Poke ico 128.pngspearfishing a SenseIcon FishingSpot.pngFishing Spot.

The Stick can be used to obtain SenseIcon Snail.pngGiant African Snails orSenseIcon Scorpion.pngScorpions by Poke ico 128.pngpoking a SenseIcon HoleToPoke.pngHole To Poke.

The Stick can also be used for Lift ico 128.pnglifting a MindIcon LiftableRock.pngLiftable Rock.

The Stick can kill animals but breaks after use. The Stick either gets stuck in the animal or breaks into pieces so a single Stick will not be enough if you plan on taking down an apex predator.