Start Deconstruction

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Start Deconstruction is an action performed by pressing the appropriate button when available.

This action is the first step in the deconstruct process to remove a construction item.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Only specific items can be deconstructed. The MindIcon BranchBarrier.png Branch Barrier and the SenseIcon ThornbushWall.png Thornbush Wall can be removed after construction by using the Start Deconstruction and Deconstruct actions. If you use these actions, the materials used to make the construction will be lost.

Approach an item you want to deconstruct and press the appropriate button to Start Deconstruction.

Performing the start deconstruction action will bring up the option to start the second and final part of the deconstruction process known as Deconstruct.

The start deconstruction action is really just a commitment step. It is committing yourself to having to destroy the item using the appropriate button. This doesn't take long but it should be noted that start deconstruction is a step in deconstruction process. Unlike construction, where you are unable to stop the process of Construct ico 128.png building, there is an option to Quit and stop the process of deconstruction. This is your last chance to decide to keep the constructed item or smash it to bits.