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Dear Renncast,

This is indeed a community that is collaborative in nature.

But we have rules about content and standardized content. You changed subheaders that were already on every location page. You then added a new page about oases - which already exists on the location page. You also added a new category that wasn't needed. It is a duplication of previous information that is already located on the pages.

Standardization is very important on a wiki so that no matter which article page you visit, the same type of content will be found. With dozens of location pages, they were all changed to match that formatting.

There is a reason listed on the edit summary as to why information was removed.

Formatting was changed that shouldn't have been. Unless you were planning on changing all location pages to match the new formatting, this would have left one of the location pages non-standard. It also removed a section that was carefully planned and added so that a person could determine which animals could be found at that specific location.

Content was added to the first location that is very advanced in nature and doesn't really apply to only that place. It requires additional context to make sense and isn't explained. These are more generalized rules of thumb and not really something a brand new player would understand or expect.

Sometimes information is added to a location page in the overview because it is very location specific. "Be aware there are no water sources here and making a settlement is not recommended..." This lets you know something you may not have picked up on and that everyone would benefit from.

Adding information that helps a user understand the dangers is helpful, but it has to be crafted carefully so that anyone who reads it, brand new to super advanced expert, would gain value from it.

Ancestors is tough because there are no fixed boundaries. There is no map function. There is only exploration and self discovery. Some of the concepts you were describing don't belong on a location page because they would apply in many places. Medicine for healing a broken bone, debuffs for broken bones, evolution for enhancing your hominids, and so on. These aren't concepts to go into detail on a location page but on the appropriate page already created on the wiki.

The location pages are to describe the location. To help a user understand what is there, challenges to be found, things that might be helpful, and so on. But they should link to other pages - be short and succinct - and be understandable by anyone who reads it.

I created redirects to the location page which lists all of the oases because there is no need to have the same information in two places. There is no need to over categorize the location pages. Also, the word "oasis" is in each location name that is an oasis. The other locations are memorable locations. The evolution feat section lists them as that name so that is why they are called that. That is why they are named as such and on the page where they are found. Adding extra pages just confuses people and makes another place where information has to be updated when a change is made. Having one location makes it easier to keep up to date.

Wikis are a collaborative effort and much of the work has already been done to set up the framework of this wiki. It needs some flesh in some spots for what can be found at specific locations but the framework has worked well up to this point.

We are strict here about standardization and formatting. We appreciate any user who is willing to update and add information. Edits can be changed, reviewed, removed, etc. That is the nature of a wiki. It is not to remove your work for no reason, it is to ensure that this is the best place to find information on the subject we all like.

If you are unsure about making a change, you can always ask. Before making big changes or adding lots of information - also ask. There may be a reason something wasn't added. I don't want you to waste your time or feel like your work isn't appreciated. I've worked on many pages and set up most of the standardization here. I know all about how this stuff interlinks and there may be a reason why something wasn't added or maybe should be added in the future.

Welcome to the wiki and we appreciate all your hard work. If you have questions, feel free to ask. :) --GS877 (talk) 17:18, 26 June 2021