Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki
Clan's Settlement Established.png
Latin name: Stativa
Item type: Location
Obtained: Settle
Alterable: No
Consumable: No
Clan location


The Settlement is a location item where the your current clan lives and can be found. It is a User Interface element that acts as a way-point and an identification tag.

How to create[]

AMindIcon SleepSpot.pngSleep Spot is required to create a new MindIcon Settlement.png Settlement. Place a Sleep Spot within the confines of an available settlement location, Lie Down ico.png lie down in it, and a prompt will appear to MindIcon Settlement.png Settle.


The MindIcon Settlement.png Settlement appears when Memorize ico.pngMemorized or when the you use Intelligence ico.pngIntelligence or Sense ico.png Senses.


The clan and settlement consequences

The clan members in the settlement

  • It is highly recommended you move all of your group members to your new settlement location as soon as possible after creating it.
  • It is also recommended to move group members when you have no babies as the babies are very weak and will be easily killed by aggressive animals. However, if you do have babies and need to move settlements, piggybacking them is safest.
  • Any group members not within the confines of your new settlement when you skip generations, will be killed.
  • Keep an eye on your group as you travel, as all aggressive animals will attack them and can kill them within a couple of strikes. Only by learning advanced neurons will your clan gain the ability to fight or dodge attacks themselves without your intervention.
  • The Clan HUD will indicated whether your clan members are inside or outside of the current settlement. Clan members are indicated by dots and those inside the large white circle are in the settlement.
  • Establishing settlements in certain specific spots is safer than any random place, as the chances of predators attacking the settlement is lower. These spots look similar to the Hidden Waterfall oasis, where you find a roof like structure, and food and water sources really close by.