Savanna's Border Oasis

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Savanna's Border Oasis
Savanna's Border Oasis.png
Location type: Oasis
Icon: Region Woodland Icon.png
Biome: Woodland

Savanna's Border Oasis is an oasis landmark in the Region Woodland Icon.png Woodland biome.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A fine oasis located in the foothills between the Woodlands and the Region Savanna Icon.png Savanna.

Lots of food, Horsetail and Coco Trees, good hunting areas beneath the ledge sheltering the Oasis, and a good amount of Khat Bushes.

You can find both predators and prey here, so it is a good area to test your skills against African Buffalo, or against a pack of Hyena. There is also a pair of Golden Machairodus sulking around, too.

Be aware that the Machairoduses will regularly come to drink water. Should they spot you or any of your clan members, they will come up into your settlement. If you find that the threats are too much and too often for your clan, and you still want to explore the savanna, you should continue on to the Bulky Arch Oasis for a safer area to use as a settlement.

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