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Remember is an action performed by pressing the appropriate button when available.

Remember allows you to recall a Tuto intel ico.png Point of Interest from a distance. This action is an important function of exploration.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Start Intelligence ico.pngIntelligence or Sense ico.png Senses using the appropriate button on a point of interest. Focus on the point of interest, and after Identifying or discovering, the Memorize ico.pngMemorize action will appear. Press the appropriate button and the point of interest will change to an upside down triangle. Once a point of interest is memorized, hover over the point of interest and the Remember action will then appear. Pressing the appropriate button will allow you to remember this point of interest.

The number of items you can memorize and remember is limited. If you memorize something new, it can replace previously memorized things. Memorize ico.pngForgetting items you no longer want marked allows you to have open spaces for items to memorize.

Be aware that early in the game you can spontaneously forget memorized things as you aren't very evolved and your memory isn't that good.

Later in the game, as you learn specific neurons the amount of memorized things you can remember at one time can be increased.