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Orrorin Tugenensis
Orrorin tugenensis2.png
Latin name: Orrorin Tugenensis
Common name: Millenium Man
Evolution leap: Second
Time frame: 7.2 - 5.5 million years ago
Previous leap: Sahelanthropus Tchadensis
Next leap: Ardipithecus Ramidus

The Orrorin Tugenensis are hominidi.

Evolution Details[]

Orrorin Tugenensis is the Second Evolution Leap in the game. This evolution is played from approximately 7,200,000 years ago and will change to the next species after you reach approximately 5,500,000 years ago.


Orrorin tugenensis is a early species of Homininae apes, estimated to have lived at 6.1 to 5.7 million years ago and discovered in 2000. It is not confirmed how Orrorin is related to modern humans. The species discovery was a huge factor in the argue against the hypothesis that australopithecines are human ancestors.[1]

Living around 6 million years ago, Orrorin tugenensis is the one of the oldest early humans on our family tree. Individuals of this species were approximately the size of a chimpanzee and had small teeth with thick enamel, similar to modern humans. The most important fossil of this species is an upper femur, showing evidence of bone buildup typical of a biped - so Orrorin tugenensis individuals climbed trees but also probably walked upright with two legs on the ground.[2]