Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki

Order Mimic is an action performed by pressing the appropriate button.

Order Mimic is an action that allows you to ask clan members to replicate your actions. This allows you to perform actions and have them do that as well. This means you can quickly perform many actions as a group rather than switching to each individual hominid.

This action will not appear until you have learned specific neurons.


Order Mimic requires you to perform an action (or series of actions) and then the Order Mimic action will appear. Press the appropriate button and your nearby clan members will replicate the actions you just completed.

If you perform an action (or a series of actions) and then stop, if there are clan members nearby and the action(s) you just completed can be mimicked, this action will appear.

Order Mimic has unique requirements to appear and work successfully:

  • This action requires you to have nearby clan members before it will appear.
  • You need to perform actions that can be mimicked.
  • You need to have your clan members set up in the same fashion as yourself.

An example would be wanting to have several clan members pick up a MindIcon GraniteRock.pngGranite Rock. You don't have anything in your hands. You move over to the granite rock, pick up the rock, and then press the appropriate button to use the Order Mimic action. Nearby hominids with nothing in their hand will then move over to pick up the granite rock just like you did.

Eventually, complicated series of actions can be performed using the Order Mimic action. You can order clan members to pick up items, alter them, and create new items en masse. Instead of having to change to multiple hominids with the Switch action, these actions can all be completed at once.


Be aware that this action doesn't always work correctly. You can have the three required conditions mentioned above (nearby clan members, mimicable action, and suitably ready to perform the actions) and none to some to all of your clan members may mimic the action successfully. Be ready to try several times for this action and don't rely on it in dangerous situations (unless you absolutely have to).


The following neurons impact mimicking.

Image Neuron Neuronal Branch Genetic
Communication - Imitation - CM 06.png Imitation (CM 06) Communication No It is now possible to ask clan members to mimic switching hand and altering a particular item.

DOUBLE-TAP (button) for the clan members close to you to mimic your action—if they have the same item in their hand.
Communication - Mirror Neuron - CM 05.png Mirror Neuron (CM 05) Communication No It is now possible to ask clan members to mimic the grabbing of an item, then eating it if it is food.

After having grabbed an Item, DOUBLE-TAP (button) for the clan members close to you to mimic your grabbing. Then do the same for eating.
Communication - Self Empowerment - CM 02.png Self Empowerment (CM 02) Communication No While following you, clan members are able to automatically mimic an intimidation or the action of conquering fear.