Neuronal Energy

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Spending neuronal energy to grow a neuronal connection

Overview[edit | edit source]

Neuronal Energy is a key component to your successful evolution. Performing actions trains your body and your brain. This training provides Neuronal Energy which can be accumulated. You develop your neurons by performing actions multiple times while at the same time gaining neuronal energy when you discover new functionalities and possibilities.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Babies help with Neuronal Energy

The Neuronal Energy pool is indicated in two places - the Clan HUD and the Neuronal menu. The central circle will begin to fill with white indicating the amount of neuronal energy you have acquired.

To acquire neuronal energy, you need to experiment and perform actions. This could be eating a new food, climbing a rock wall, or even being attacked and getting hurt. Repeatedly performing these actions will gain you Neuronal Energy. However, you only will gain Neuronal Energy for neurons that you have revealed. You can't get neuronal energy for climbing if those neurons that deal with climbing aren't revealed yet.

When an action successfully creates Neuronal Energy, a flashing white spiral quickly appears over the HUD and shrinks down in size until it disappears.

Check the Neuronal menu for revealed neurons and try to focus on them to gain Neuronal Energy. During early gameplay, there aren't many neurons available and you will have to make sure you are focusing your actions on those available neurons to gain Neuronal Energy. As more and more neurons are available, your normal actions will make it easier to gain Neuronal Energy.

Piggybacking babies allows you to accumulate more Neuronal Energy. The babies clinging to you watching you perform functions allows you have a larger energy pool. This means you can store more energy before having to spend it.

Conquering the Fog of Fear while having one baby present will completely fill the neuronal energy pool.

Conquering the Fear of the Other while having a baby present will give a boost of neuronal energy.

Learning specific neurons increases your ability to store neuronal energy.

Spending Neuronal Energy[edit | edit source]

Neuronal Energy can be spent to learn revealed neurons. Learning new neurons costs neuronal energy but permits you to perform more actions or to perform the already available ones more efficiently.

Neuronal Energy is a finite pool and only so many neurons can be learned before it is depleted. The longer the connection, and the more connections, the more neuronal energy required to complete a successful connection. If you attempt a connection but run out of energy, it will stop the connection and return the energy.

Try to make connections even if it appears that the neuronal energy reserve is small. Sometimes when it appears that there isn't enough energy, a connection can still be made.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Dead Hominids help with Neuronal Energy

If you have Baby ico.png babies nearby, use your Sense ico.png senses (smelling) to discover a SenseIcon DeadHominid.png Dead Hominid and it will give you a small amount of neuronal energy.

After you discover a dead clan member, walk up to the bones of your dead clan member and Analyze Clan Member by pressing the correct button. This will give you a fair amount of neuronal energy. This only works once per generation and once per dead relative.

Neurons[edit | edit source]

The following neurons impact neuronal energy.

Image Neuron Neuronal Branch Genetic
Orrorin Tugenensis - Encephalization - NP 01.png Encephalization (NP 01) Orrorin Tugenensis No Brain size has increased.

More Neuronal Energy can be accumulated.
Ardipithecus Ramidus - Encephalization - NP 02.png Encephalization (NP 02) Ardipithecus Ramidus No The brain size has increased.

More Neuronal Energy can be accumulated.
Australopithecus Afarensis - Encephalization - NP 03.png Encephalization (NP 03) Australopithecus Afarensis No The brain size has increased.

More Neuronal Energy can be accumulated.