Natal Grass Cycad's Stem

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Natal Grass Cycad's Stem
Natal Grass Cycad's Stem.png
Latin name: Stangeria eriopus caulis
Item type: Tool
Obtained: Stripping
Location(s): Natal Grass Cycad
Alterable: No
Consumable: No
Dipping tool

Description[edit | edit source]

The Natal Grass Cycad's Stem is a tool item.

Natal Grass Cycad's Stem (Stangeria eriopus caulis).jpg

How to create[edit | edit source]

TheMindIcon NatalGrassCycadStem.pngNatal Grass Cycad's Stem can be created by Strip ico 128.png stripping the MindIcon NatalGrassCycad.pngNatal Grass Cycad with an empty hand.

How to use[edit | edit source]