Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki
Natal Grass Cycad
Latin name: Stangeria eriopus
Item type: Tool
Obtained: Grabbing
Location(s): Plants
Alterable: Yes
Consumable: No
Construction material


The Natal Grass Cycad is a tool item.

Where to obtain[]

MindIcon NatalGrassCycad.pngNatal Grass Cycad is a leaf and stalk found in clusters on a common plant found throughout all biomes.

Natal Grass Cycad (Stangeria eriopus).jpg

How to obtain[]

Natal Grass Cycad can be Grab ico.png grabbed from an appropriate plant cluster.



The larger you can make your hominid to a threat, the better your chances of Intimidate ico 128.png intimidating that threat. Having two items in your hands makes your size much larger. Even items that aren't offensive in nature can be used to increase your size and intimidation power. A MindIcon NatalGrassCycad.png Natal Grass Cycad in each hand makes your size much larger to a hostile threat. Even though the leaves aren't a weapon, they can be quickly Grab ico.png grabbed in any biome and used to intimidate hostile threats.