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Meteorite Site
Meteorite Landing Site 3.png
Alterable: No
Consumable: No
Location of Meteorite


The Meteorite Site is a specific fixed location item where a SenseIcon Meteorite.png Meteorite can be found. They are small craters in the ground with the meteorite in the center.

A column of smoke will indicate the location of a SenseIcon Meteorite site.png meteorite site from far off but this will go away eventually. This makes finding the meteorite much tougher.


Meteorites can be found at specific spots (External Link) scattered across the map.

There are twelve named locations that are meteorite sites.

Meteorite Site Triggering Event Nearby Location
Baobabs' meteorite site Discover the Rock Arrow Oasis Baobabs Oasis
Carissa Clearing's meteorite site Discover the Rocky Tarn Oasis Buried Garden Oasis
Dead Tree's meteorite site Discover the The Father Tree The Highland Plateau
Desert's meteorite site Discover the Baobabs Oasis The Beach Tower
Flat Boulder's meteorite site Discover the The Father Tree Rockslide Oasis
Island's meteorite site Discover the The Father Tree The Crocodiles Island
Lake Clearing's meteorite site Discover the The Highland Peak The Great Lake
Over-The-Cave's meteorite site Discover the Rocky Tarn Oasis Butterfly Tree Oasis
Rock Boundaries' meteorite site Discover the Rock Arrow Oasis Pond & Puddle Oasis
Savanna's Boulders Enclave's meteorite site Discover the The Green Rock Pathway Buffalo's Basin Oasis
Single Kapok's meteorite site Discover the Rock Arrow Oasis Drying Basin Oasis
Swamp's meteorite site Discover the Hidden Waterfall Oasis The Big Swamp


Meteorite Effects

When you discover each meteorite site, multiple one-time benefits will take place. You don't need to pick up the meteorite to gain the benefits, you merely examine the site and the following benefits will take place:

Genetic Mutations[]

Meteorite sites also induce random genetic mutations in babies that don't already have a mutation. There is a specific set of actions that is required to get these mutations to appear.

  • Trigger meteorites to fall from the sky through in game events related to location discoveries.
  • Baby ico32.pngPiggyback any babies you want to acquire mutations on you or following clan members' backs.
  • Travel to and inspect an undiscovered SenseIcon Meteorite site.png meteorite site.
  • The next time you use the Baby ico32.pngDrop Child action at aMindIcon SleepSpot.png Sleep Spot, any babies present when you inspected the meteorite site will gain a random mutation.

It should be noted that babies can only acquire mutations once per meteorite site upon discovery. Only babies that were present upon the inspection of a meteorite site will acquire mutations and you can't go back later with additional babies having already inspected the site.

Through carefully managing when you discover meteorite sites, it is possible to induce the maximum amount of genetic mutations possible.

  • Induce mutations in a full generation of six babies using a meteorite site.
  • Change a generation and the babies with mutations will grow into adults with mutations.
  • Induce mutations into another set of six babies.
  • Change a generation and this time the adults will grow into elders with mutations and the babies will turn into adults with mutations.
  • Twelve clan members (six adults, six elders) with genetic mutations is the maximum amount of genetic mutations that can be locked in via an evolutionary leap.

Due to the finite nature of meteorite sites, this process of twelve genetic mutations from meteorites can only be performed a limited amount of times per lineage.