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Metabolism is a neuronal branch located on the Neuronal menu.


The Metabolism Icon

The Metabolism neuronal branch deals with food and energy. Neurons in this branch reduce detriments or improve abilities related to food. This is a limited neuronal branch but opens up multiple specialized branches.


The Metabolism Neuronal Branch

The Metabolism neuronal branch is a primary branch. This branch contains the Omnivore, Preventive Medication, and Therapeutic Medication sub-branches.

The Metabolism branch has four total neurons: two regular neurons and two genetic mutations.

List of Neurons[]

Image Neuron Connects Back To / Revealed By Connects Forward To / Reveals Genetic
Metabolism - Analeptic Ability - ME 02.png Analeptic Ability (ME 02)  •  Nutrient Absorption (BB ME 01)  •  Healing Injury (CI 01)
 •  Laceration Tolerance (CB 01)
 •  Metabolic Detoxification (CT 01)
No The recovery time from a poisoning or an injury is now faster.
Metabolism - Nutrient Absorption - BB ME 01.png Nutrient Absorption (BB ME 01)  •  Analeptic Ability (ME 02)
 •  Eumycota Food Acclimatization (OM 01)
 •  Mammal Food Acclimatization (OM 07)
 •  Oviparous Food Acclimatization (OM 05)
 •  Prophylactic Ability (ME 01)
 •  Zygote Food Acclimatization (OM 03)
Yes More energy is gained per food portion.
Metabolism - Nutrient Absorption - BB ME 02.png Nutrient Absorption (BB ME 02) Yes More energy is gained per food portion.
Metabolism - Prophylactic Ability - ME 01.png Prophylactic Ability (ME 01)  •  Nutrient Absorption (BB ME 01)  •  Analgesia (SI 01)
 •  Laceration Prevention (SB 01)
 •  Toxin Immunity (ST 01)
No The shield duration against all poisonings and injuries is longer.