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Manual Dexterity
Dexterity - Manual Dexterity - BB AL 01.png
Image Code: BB AL 01-2
Neuronal Branch: Dexterity
Genetic Mutation? Yes
Icon: Neuronal Branch - Dexterity.png
Connects Back To / Revealed By
Connects Forward To / Reveals
 •  Fine Motor Skill (AL 07)
Special Requirements

Manual Dexterity (BB AL 01-2) is a genetic mutation neuron located on the Neuronal menu.


Fewer hits are required to successfully craft items using a tool.

TAP (button) to switch an item from one hand to the other. HOLD (button) to take position to alter, then follow the steps proposed by the Contextual UI, with a tool in right hand.

Special requirements[]

There are no special requirements for this neuron.

Neuron location[]

The Dexterity Neuronal Branch

The Manual Dexterity (BB AL 01-2) neuron is located on the Dexterity neuronal branch.