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Liftable Rock
Liftable Rock.png
Latin name: Petra vecte extrahenda
Item type: Gathering Spot
Location(s): Ground
Alterable: Yes
Consumable: No
Source of Mushrooms, Rocks, Mud and Precious Stones


The Liftable Rock is a gathering spot item.

Liftable Rock (Petra vecte extrahenda).jpg

Where to find[]

MindIcon LiftableRock.pngLiftable rocks are found in rocky areas in many biomes. Sometimes these are found in clusters of liftable rocks.

How to use[]

The Liftable Rock can be accessed by Lift ico 128.pnglifting with aMindIcon Stick.pngStick or aSenseIcon SharpStick.pngSharpened Stick.


Liftable rocks once pried up randomly allow access to deposits of certain mushrooms, unmodified rocks, mud, and precious stones.

Items that can be found under Liftable Rocks: