Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki

The Red Life Expectancy Circle

Life Expectancy is the overall amount of life and a part of the vitality each hominid possesses.


The Life Expectancy of a hominid determines the maximum amount of Stamina it can have, which determines the maximum amount of Energy it can have.


Life Expectancy is depicted on the HUD at the bottom of the screen by the red circle that appears when Stamina is depleted. Seeing the red circle means your hominid is exhausted.

Adult and baby hominids have naturally larger Life Expectancy than elders, which begin with half their life expectancy depleted.

If the hominid is pushed past tired and depletes all of the Stamina, the red Life Expectancy circle will appear and will begin to drain. It is highly recommended to stop moving and wait a moment if the red circle appears. This is trading overall life to perform actions. Only in the most dire situations should this be done! This pulsing red circle indicates that the Hominid is losing overall Life Expectancy, something that cannot be gained back by individuals unless someone in the clan gives birth.

If the hominid stops and rests, some Stamina and Energy will be regained, but the Life Expectancy that was drained will not regenerate.

Food Poisoning minor ico.png Food Poisoning major ico.png Food Poisoning, Venom Poisoning minor ico.png Venom Poisoning major ico.png Venom Poisoning, Bleed minor ico.png Bleed major ico.png Bleeding, and Injury minor ico.png Injury major ico.png Injury all reduce Life Expectancy over time. The more times the hominid is injured through these negative status effects, the more that Life Expectancy is reduced.

Learning specific neurons increases life expectancy.


The following neurons impact life expectancy.

Image Neuron Neuronal Branch Genetic
Orrorin Tugenensis - Life Expectancy - LF 01.png Life Expectancy (LF 01) Orrorin Tugenensis No Life expectancy has increased.

More stamina and energy can be accumulated.
Ardipithecus Ramidus - Life Expectancy - LF 02.png Life Expectancy (LF 02) Ardipithecus Ramidus No Life expectancy has increased.

More stamina and energy can be accumulated.
Australopithecus Afarensis - Life Expectancy - LF 03.png Life Expectancy (LF 03) Australopithecus Afarensis No Life expectancy has increased.

More stamina and energy can be accumulated.


If the hominid has a stacking of negative status effects, such as Hunger ico.png Hunger and also Bleed minor ico.png Bleed major ico.png Bleeding, you may notice you cannot move at all without losing Life Expectancy. It is critical you make the correct corresponding actions to ensure your Hominid doesn't die, sometimes sleeping can assist you as you can wait out a negative status effect or two without moving, hopefully replenishing your vitality enough so that you can move without hurting yourself.

At other times you may need to seek out the closest medicine for your problem as you may face imminent death without action.