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Hunger is a negative status effect caused by your hominid not eating food.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Daily Regime Display

Many consumable items can be found around the world and food sources can be located easily by smelling. Consuming these items usually aids in filling your food requirements. However, some items are medicines only and will not refill your food requirements. There are many positive and a few negative status effects that can potentially be received from eating foods.

Keep in mind that some food items count as both food and water. While not reducing Thirst ico.png thirst as much, this might be enough to help you until you can get to a water source to completely quench your thirst.

Some items require you to modify them before they can be consumed. For example - you have to alter aSenseIcon MonkeyBread.pngMonkey Bread before you can eat it.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Effects of hunger

Eat ico.png Eating is a required function to keep your hominid alive. If you do not consume food for long enough, you will begin to starve and encounter hunger. Your stamina will be reduced while hungry.

Eat or Drink ico.png drink food in your hand and you will begin to remove the hunger effect. Depending upon how hungry your hominid is, you may have to consume lots of food to satiate your needs.

There is a special pulsing yellow indicator that appears over the Vitality circle when eating and drinking. This pulsating circle will indicate the need to (or not to) continue doing those activities. The pulsing yellow circle will flash to green when enough of that activity has been completed and is fully restored.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Hunger only comes in one level compared to other negative status effects that have two levels.

Hungry outsiders can be recruited by curing their hunger using food.