Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki
Latin name: Mel
Item type: Food
Obtained: Dipping
Location(s): Beehive
Alterable: No
Consumable: Yes
Reduces minor hunger and medicine


Honey is a food item and medicine.

Where to find[]

SenseIcon Honey.png Honey is a sticky, golden substance that can be harvested from a SenseIcon Beehive.png Beehive but take care to not get to close or the bees will be unhappy with your hominid and will sting you!

How to create[]

AMindIcon NatalGrassCycadStem.pngNatal Grass Cycad's Stem can be Dip ico 128.pngdipped into a SenseIcon Beehive.png Beehive to collect SenseIcon Honey.png Honey.

How to use[]

Honey can be Eat ico.png eaten directly from the tool as food and medicine.

Honey can also be Strip ico 128.png stripped from the tool with an empty hand to apply as a medicine.


Honey can be applied to heal Bleed minor ico.png Bleed major ico.png Bleeding. Applying Honey while not afflicted with bleeding will confer Bleed shield.png Bleeding Protection.

Honey can be eaten to heal Venom Poisoning minor ico.png Venom Poisoning major ico.png Venom Poisoning. Eating Honey while not afflicted with venom poisoning will confer Venom Poisoning shield.png Venom Poisoning Protection.

The Order Mimic action will not work to have other hominids collect Honey.