Homo Ergaster

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Homo Ergaster
Homo ergaster2.png
Latin name: Homo Ergaster
Common name: Turkana boy
Evolution leap: Final
Time frame: 2 million years ago
Previous leap: Australopithecus Africanus
Next leap:

The Homo Ergaster are hominidi.

Evolution Details[edit | edit source]

Homo Ergaster is the Final Evolution Leap in the game. This evolution appears after you reach approximately 2,000,000 years ago.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Homo Ergaster aren't able to be played as they are the final evolution and completion of the game.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Homo ergaster (usually known as Homo erectus) is an extinct species or subspecies of archaic humans who lived in Africa in the Early Pleistocene. Whether H. ergaster constitutes a species of its own or should be subsumed into H. erectus is an ongoing and unresolved dispute within palaeoanthropology.[1]

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