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Latin name: Hominidae
Obtained: Senses
Alterable: No
Consumable: No
Playable character


A Hominid is an item indicating your current character as well as any members of your clan. Additional hominids can be found in the wild and can be helped to have them join your clan.


Each Hominid Blank Circle.png Hominid can be played to explore the world. It is possible to play other hominids in your clan by switching places. This process takes place almost instantly and you are able to use different hominids for different needs.

When a hominid dies, a SenseIcon DeadHominid.png Dead Hominid will be left behind.

Types of Hominids[]

It is possible to identify different hominids using your Intelligence ico.pngIntelligence or Sense ico.png Senses. You can use the Analyze action for detailed information on each hominid. Each hominid has a unique symbol and coloring.

Hominid Mechanics[]

  • Elders are immune to the Fear of the Unknown but their increased age cuts their Vitality in half.
  • Adults are affected by the Fear of the Unknown but have a large amount of Vitality.
  • Babies are affected by the Fear of the Unknown when outside the clan settlement without the protection of a nearby Adult or Elder but they don't suffer from any negative status effects. Babies will still get scared if the Adult or Elder is also scared.