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Hidden Waterfall Oasis
Hidden Waterfall Oasis.png
Location type: Oasis
Icon: Region Jungle Icon.png
Biome: Jungle

Hidden Waterfall Oasis is an oasis landmark in the Region Jungle Icon.png Jungle biome.


This is the starting area for your clan.

Food is plentiful, all three stone types, wood and other resources are readily available and the area is safe from attack.

You will automatically leave this area if you commit to your first evolution leap, so make the best of your time here.


Hidden Waterfall Oasis - Daytime.png Hidden Waterfall Oasis - Meteorite.png


  • There are no animals here to attack you.



Items of Interest[]

When you discover this oasis, it triggers a SenseIcon Meteorite.png Meteorite.

There is anMindIcon Powerstone.pngEmerald hidden on the ledge to your right if facing to where the river flows.