Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki

The Great Lake biome is one of the many different biomes located in Ancestors.


The Region Great Lake Icon.png Great Lake biome is between the Region Jungle Icon.png Jungle biome on one side and the Region Caves Icon.png Caves biome and Region Woodland Icon.png Woodland biome on the other side.




The Great Lake biome has some interesting properties.

On the western side of this biome is The Great Lake. If you head east from this location, you will cross back into the Jungle biome. Continuing past this thin section of jungle you will encounter a "smaller" lake where you can find The Crocodiles Island in the center of the lake. The area around, and to the east of, this smaller lake will be back in the Great Lake biome.

It's not always clear in that middle Great Lake / Jungle biome area which biome you are in. It transitions from one biome to the other biome and then back. This doesn't really have an impact on game play but it matters if you perform an Evolution Leap. During an evolution leap, your current MindIcon Settlement.png settlement can change to a different oasis in that biome. If you unknowingly happen to create your settlement in the "Jungle" portion of the Great Lake biome, you could possible be sent all the way back to where you started deep in the Jungle at the Hidden Waterfall Oasis.

It's best to make sure you are either clearly in the west areas or clearly in the east areas of the Great Lake biome to ensure you stay in this biome if you perform an evolution leap.