Gathering Spot

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A Gathering Spot is an item type where additional items can be created. Before these additional items are available, an action needs to be sucessfully performed with the correct tool before those new items can be found.

An example is using a MindIcon NatalGrassCycadStem.pngNatal Grass Cycad's Stem to Dip ico 128.pngDip into a SenseIcon Beehive.pngBeehive to collect SenseIcon Honey.pngHoney. Only by using the Natal Grass Cycad's Stem tool to successfully perform the dipping action on the Beehive gathering spot will Honey be made available to your hominid.

Gathering Spots[edit | edit source]

Scavenging/Foraging[edit | edit source]

Butchering[edit | edit source]