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What is Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey?[]

It's difficult to tell at first glance what Ancestors: The Humandkind Odyssey is all about. In a nutshell, Ancestors is a survival-flavored achievement collecting game.

Your endgame goal is to evolve your clan of hominids forward through time and to achieve that you will need to perform mini-goals known as Evolution Feats or "achievements". Discovering new locations, using new tools, eating new food, killing new creatures are all examples of these mini-goals that will bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

Along your journey you will discover the concepts of genetic mutations, generational advancement, neuronal development, neuronal reinforcement, neuronal energy, and evolutionary time leaps. Each of these concepts adds to the depth and complexity of the gameplay experience.

Your main challenge in this game will be dealing with your clan's needs while not falling prey to the hostile fauna that surrounds you at all times.

Your secondary challenge, your "high-score meter" so to speak, will be completing the task of evolution "faster" than evolution theory suggests. Faster in this case translates to "with less blunders along the way" as you don't actually control evolution in any way. Your clan's evolution "speed" is determined by how efficient you were in achieving mini-goals while successfully managing your clan between the time leaps.

What is the maximum tribe size?[]

“Anyone know how many monkeys max? I’ve got six babies going but can’t find anymore hominids to get to join..."

You can have a maximum six of each of the hominid types per generation - six babies, six adults and six elders. The game will attempt to auto balance the genders.

Why can't I have more kids?[]

Currently an adult female hominid can only have two babies during her lifetime.

Where can I find outsiders/foreign hominids?[]

Outsiders appear only when you have appropriate space for them in your clan. They are found nearby settlements or up in the canopies of trees. Using your hearing sense and calls to find them is highly recommended.

When I find other hominids, how can you tell what their needs are?[]

The body language of the outsider hominid will give clues to what their needs are. Outsiders can be recruited to your clan if you remedy these needs.

The body language isn't always the most clear about what is afflicting the outsider. You may have to try several remedies for each of the five types of outsider to find the correct remedy

How can I switch the item in my hand?[]

For the Switch Hands action to appear, the Motor Skill (MS 01) neuron is required. However, it is one of the first neurons learned, so keep an eye out.

Can I make fire?[]

No. You can’t make fire nor use it.

Can I farm or grow crops instead of just randomly foraging?[]

It isn't possible to farm or grow crops. Living items can regrow in the game over time where they are found and be replenished for use. There is no mechanism to cause these items into grow in other specific areas. This game takes place millions of years before these concepts are realized.

How do I stop piggybacking babies?[]

"I can't for the life of me figure out how to take the kid off my back so I can go to a more dangerous location?"

You must Lie Down ico.png lie down in a MindIcon SleepSpot.png sleep spot and theBaby ico32.pngDrop Child action will appear. Press the appropriate button and the baby will crawl down onto the sleep spot.

How can I move settlements?[]

A MindIcon Settlement.png settlement can be placed anywhere you like.

Just stand near the MindIcon SleepSpot.png sleep spot so it is highlighted and you will get the prompt to settle.

  • It is highly recommended you move all of your group members to your new settlement location as soon as possible after creating it.
  • It is also recommended to move group members when you have no babies as the babies are very weak and will be easily killed by aggressive animals. However, if you do have babies and need to move settlements, piggybacking them is safest.
  • Any group members not within the confines of your new settlement when you skip generations, will be killed.

Keep an eye on your group as you travel, as all aggressive animals will attack them and can kill them within a couple of strikes. Only by learning advanced neurons will your clan acquire the ability to fight or dodge attacks themselves without your intervention.

Is this game episodic?[]

No, Ancestors was originally planned as an episodic game pre-2018, but the Creative Director at Ancestors confirmed it would not be episodic. [1]

When is the next patch?[]

As of August 24th, there's no upcoming patch. Steam release won't come with any update as stated on Release Notes.