Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki
Evasive Action
Dodge - Evasive Action - DO 02.png
Image Code: DO 02
Neuronal Branch: Dodge
Genetic Mutation? No
Icon: Neuronal Branch - Dodge.png
Connects Back To / Revealed By
 •  Flee Response (DO 01)
Connects Forward To / Reveals
 •  Withdrawal Reflex (DO 05)
Special Requirements

Evasive Action (DO 02) is a neuron located on the Neuronal menu.


The preparation speed for dodging a predator is increased.

HOLD (button) to prime dodging.
MOVE (button) to choose direction.
RELEASE (button) at the right time to dodge.

How to mature[]

Once a neuron is revealed, the neuron will need to be matured before it can be initiated and learned. Perform the following actions to mature this neuron:

  • (placeholder)

Special requirements[]

There are no special requirements for this neuron.

Neuron location[]

The Dodge Neuronal Branch

The Evasive Action (DO 02) neuron is located on the Dodge neuronal branch.