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Drink or Drinking is an action performed by pressing and holding the corresponding buttons.

Drinking is a required function to keep your Hominid alive. If you do not consume liquid foods for long enough, you will begin to die of the Thirst ico.png Thirst negative status effect.

This action can be compared to the much more common Scoop ico.png Scoop action which is used for taking liquids from water sources using your hands.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]


Only a few consumable items use the Drink action such as a SenseIcon Coco cracked.png Cracked Coco. Items that contain a liquid that your hominid can drink will show this action.

Some items require you to modify them before they can be consumed by drinking. For example - you have to open aSenseIcon Cocos.pngCocos before you can drink from it.

Sometimes if interrupted while scooping, the drink action will appear. This appears to happen when your hands are full of water but you don't drink the liquid. The drink action will show up to continue drinking the liquid in those cases.