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Dorcas Gazelle
Dorcas Gazelle.png
Latin name: Gazella dorcas
Temperament: Wild Animal
Habitat(s): Savanna, Canyon
 • SenseIcon Carcass.png Mammal Meat
 • SenseIcon HardBone.pngHard Bone

The Dorcas Gazelle is a wildlife item and a wild animal.


The Enemy Gazelle.png Dorcas Gazelle is found in the Region Savanna Icon.png Savanna biome. They are found all over the Savannah region but more commonly by oases. They can also be found in the desert area of the Region Canyon Icon.png Canyon biome.


The Dorcas Gazelle is a medium animal that appears in small herds. Gazelles are skittish and frighten easily. Gazelles prefer to flee quickly if approached, though they will occasionally attack if fleeing is not possible. The gazelle uses their body and speed to cause blunt force trauma to inflict Injury minor ico.png Injury major ico.png Injury. Being a medium animal and its fearful nature makes it easy to Intimidate ico 128.png intimidate a single animal but a herd is harder. It is recommended to do so holding weapons or with a group of hominids.

If you do decide to attack, use the best weapons you can acquire. Because the gazelle easily runs away, you want the best chance to take down the animal in a single strike if possible or you will end up chasing them down forever. It is recommended to use SenseIcon SharpStick.pngSharpened Sticks first, MindIcon Stick.pngSticks next, and as a last resort rocks or hard tools. It is possible to kill the gazelle with a single strike with the correct weapon but be aware it may take a second strike.


The Enemy Gazelle carcass.png Dorcas Gazelle Carcass provides SenseIcon Carcass.png Mammal Meat and SenseIcon HardBone.pngHard Bone when it is Butcher ico 128.pngbutchered. The carcass can be butchered once.

Interactions With Other Animals[]

When different animals get in close proximity to each other, they can attack and kill each other. Animals can fight each other on their own or you can cause them to move nearer to each other to initiate combat. Some of these methods are intimidation to scare them towards another animal, have them chase you and you run past another animal, or perform a dodge and the animal runs towards another animal.

When animals fight each other, a cut-scene will play showing one animal attacking and killing the other. There are a large number of Evolution Feats that deal specifically with trying to cause animals to fight and kill each other.

The Dorcas Gazelle frightens easily and runs away from threats. In herds, gazelles have more confidence but the herd still will prefer to run away when threatened. The gazelle doesn't seek out combat but it can defend itself against some animals as a last resort. The gazelle will only attack if it can't run away and will tend to run over an enemy trying to flee rather than engage in combat.

Can Kill[]

The Dorcas Gazelle doesn't go after other animals. It may fend off an attack from another animal and kill that animal but doesn't seek out combat.

Can Be Killed By[]

The Dorcas Gazelle can be killed by a number of animals.


  • The Dorcas Gazelle is still alive today. They are endangered due to overhunting and sadly are still illegally poached to this day.
  • Dorcas gazelles are small and common gazelles adapted to semidesert climates of Africa and Arabia. They have long ears and strongly curved horns, which bow outwards then turn inwards and forwards at the tips. Both males and females have horns although female horns are much thinner, lighter, and less curved.
  • In real life, the Dorcas Gazelle is usually found in desert and mountain type habitats, however they can and will roam the Savanna.