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Deep Enclave Oasis
Deep Enclave Oasis.png
Location type: Oasis
Icon: Region Caves Icon.png
Biome: Caves

Deep Enclave Oasis is an oasis landmark in the Region Caves Icon.png Caves biome.


This cavernous oasis is a refreshing breath of air (unless accidentally fallen into) right in the middle of the dangerous Region Woodland Icon.png Woodlands. The Deep Enclave has no animals in it naturally (besides crayfish) and has two coco trees near the top of the enclave along with plenty of wood, fresh water, berries, granite, and an ungodly amount of African Agaric Fungus mushrooms along with a few African Turmeric roots a little outside of the mouth of the enclave.


Deep Enclave Oasis - Nighttime.png


There are no hostile animals found here.



Items of Interest[]

  • AMindIcon Powerstone.pngBlue Agate is in the back corner of the cave of this oasis.