Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki
Dead Hominid
Dead Hominid.png
Latin name: Hominidae cadaver
Obtained: Senses (Smelling)
Alterable: No
Consumable: No
Gain Neuronal Energy


A Dead Hominid is an item indicating a hominid ancestor to your current character, they are found wherever a clan member dies.

How to use[]

A SenseIcon DeadHominid.png Dead Hominid actually has two uses.

  • If you have Baby ico.png babies nearby, use your Sense ico.png senses (smelling) to discover your dead relatives and it will give you a small amount of neuronal energy.
  • After you discover a dead clan member, walk up to the bones of your dead clan member and Analyze Clan Member by pressing the correct button. This will give you a fair amount of neuronal energy. This only works once per generation and once per dead relative.


Analyzing dead hominids is an especially good tactic if you didn't have enough Reinforcement points to reinforce all learned neurons in your current generation. For example, you have twelve neurons to reinforce but only have six reinforcement points. You can only reinforce six neurons with your current generation. What you can do is reinforce those neurons and then jump forward by changing a generation. After the generation change, quicklyBaby ico32.pngGive Birth to six babies, inspect the old bones of your dead hominids again, and this will quickly refill your Neuronal Energy. You can then reinforce the remaining six neurons without having to spend a large amount of time to accumulate new neuronal energy.

The bones will eventually wither away with the enormous passage of time when you do an evolution leap.