Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki
Latin name: Dactylifera
Item type: Food
Obtained: Grabbing
Location(s): Trees
Alterable: No
Consumable: Yes
Reduces hunger


The Date is a food item.

Where to find[]

SenseIcon Date.pngDates can be found on trees. The broad trunk of the date tree offers easy access to lots of ripe dates for hungry clan members. A good spot to forage as a group.

Date tree

How to obtain[]

Dates can be Grab ico.png grabbed from a tree.

How to use[]

Dates can be Eat ico.png eaten as food.

Dates can be inspected for ripeness. Like other fruits, brown dates are rotten. Eating unripe or overripe fruit will result in a Food Poisoning minor ico.png Food Poisoning major ico.png Food Poisoning.

It seems the ripening process is faster for dates than for berries encountered. Consumption of dates, especially during a group expedition, must be done cautiously to avoid food poisoning the group.