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Cracked Pelican Egg
Cracked Pelican Egg.png
Latin name: Pelagornis fractum ovum
Item type: Food
Obtained: Hitting
Location(s): Miocene Pelican Egg
Alterable: No
Consumable: Yes
Reduces thirst and minor hunger


The Cracked Pelican Egg is a food item.

How to create[]

The SenseIcon BirdEgg.pngMiocene Pelican Egg can be altered into a SenseIcon BirdEgg cracked.pngCracked Pelican Egg by Hit ico 128.png Hitting with most rocks or hard tools.

How to use[]

Becoming Omnivorous - Eggs

Cracked Pelican Eggs can be Drink ico.png drunk as food. However, drinking Cracked Pelican Eggs will give Non-Omnivore minor ico.png Non-Omnivore major ico.png Non-Omnivore until the Zygote Food Acclimatization (OM 03) and Zygote Food Acclimatization (OM 04) neurons have been learned.