Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki
Cracked Coco
Latin name: Cocos contrita drupa
Item type: Food
Obtained: Hitting
Location(s): Cocos
Alterable: Yes
Consumable: Yes
Reduces thirst and medicine


The Cracked Coco is a food item and a medicine.

How to create[]

Hit ico 128.png Hitting aSenseIcon Cocos.pngCocos with most rocks or hard tools will create aSenseIcon Coco cracked.pngCracked Coco.


The Cracked Coco can be Drink ico.png drunk as food and medicine.

At any point, a Cracked Coco can be opened. This could be just cracked filled with liquid or completely empty after all of the liquid has been drunk. The Cracked Coco can be opened by Strip ico 128.png stripping to get an SenseIcon Coconut opened.pngOpened Coconut.


Cracked Coco can be drunk to heal Food Poisoning minor ico.png Food Poisoning major ico.png Food Poisoning and Venom Poisoning minor ico.png Venom Poisoning major ico.png Venom Poisoning.

Cracked Coco can also be used for protection against food poisoning and venom poisoning. Drinking Cracked Coco while not afflicted with these conditions will confer Food Poisoning shield.png Food Poisoning Protection and Venom Poisoning shield.png Venom Poisoning Protection.