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Counter Maneuver
Attack - Counter Maneuver - CO 03.png
Image Code: CO 03
Neuronal Branch: Attack
Genetic Mutation? No
Icon: Neuronal Branch - Attack.png
Connects Back To / Revealed By
 •  Fight Response (CO 01)
Connects Forward To / Reveals
Special Requirements

Counter Maneuver (CO 03) is a neuron located on the Neuronal menu.


The preparation speed for a counterattack against a wildlife animal is increased.

HOLD (button) to prime counterattack.
MOVE (button) to turn toward aggressor.
RELEASE (button) at the right time to counterattack.

How to mature[]

Once a neuron is revealed, the neuron will need to be matured before it can be initiated and learned. Perform the following actions to mature this neuron:

  • (placeholder)

Special requirements[]

There are no special requirements for this neuron.

Neuron location[]

The Attack Neuronal Branch

The Counter Maneuver (CO 03) neuron is located on the Attack neuronal branch.


While the description of this neuron says "wildlife animal", it is not the overall category of wildlife which encompasses all hostile animals. Instead, wildlife in this case is only the crawling threats: Enemy Snake.png African Rock Python, Enemy SnakePoison.png Black Mamba, Enemy SnakePoison.png Eastern Green Mamba and the Enemy Centipede.png Megarian Banded Centipede.