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Controlling Strength
Dexterity - Controlling Strength - AL 03.png
Image Code: AL 03
Neuronal Branch: Dexterity
Genetic Mutation? No
Icon: Neuronal Branch - Dexterity.png
Connects Back To / Revealed By
 •  Controlling Strength (AL 02)
 •  Manual Dexterity (BB AL 01)
Connects Forward To / Reveals
 •  Fine Motor Skill (AL 07)
Special Requirements
 •  Manual Dexterity (BB AL 01)

Controlling Strength (AL 03) is a neuron located on the Neuronal menu.


The success rate of an alteration using a tool is increased.

TAP (button) to switch an item from one hand to the other. HOLD (button) to take position to alter, then follow the steps proposed by the Contextual UI, with a tool in right hand.

How to mature[]

Once a neuron is revealed, the neuron will need to be matured before it can be initiated and learned. Perform the following actions to mature this neuron:

  • (placeholder)

Special requirements[]

This neuron requires Manual Dexterity (BB AL 01) before it can be matured.

Neuron location[]

The Dexterity Neuronal Branch

The Controlling Strength (AL 03) neuron is located on the Dexterity neuronal branch.