Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki

The Clan HUD and your clan

Your Clan is the current group of hominids in your current generation.


You clan can consists of babies, adults, and elders. This group of hominids can consist of a maximum of six babies, six adults, and six elders.


Your Clan will be based around a MindIcon Settlement.png Settlement that is a place for them to assemble.

Your Clan can add members by finding sick or injured hominids and helping them.

You can also pair up clan members to form couples and Baby ico32.pngGive Birth to new babies.

Each member of your clan can be played by switching to another member.

It is important to keep track of the status of each member of the clan. Members need to eat and drink and rest. They can also become injured and hurt. Take care of the entire clan and not just your current hominid.

Clan members can be called in times of need to rally the members.

You can ask members to follow you on expeditions. This allows you to have a group of members to help with combat and to allow different/more items to be carried.


  • It is highly recommended you move all of your clan members to a new settlement location as soon as possible after creating it.
  • It is also recommended to move clan members when you have no babies as the babies are very weak and will be easily killed by aggressive animals. However, if you do have babies and need to move settlements, piggybacking them is safest.
  • Any clan members not within the confines of your new settlement when you skip generations, will be killed.
  • Keep an eye on your group as you travel, as all aggressive animals will attack them and can kill them within a couple of strikes. Learning specific neurons will give your clan the ability to perform combat related activities without your intervention.
  • The Clan HUD will indicated whether your clan members are inside or outside of the current settlement. Clan members are indicated by dots and those inside the large white circle are in the settlement.