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Chemoreceptor Acuity
Senses - Chemoreceptor Acuity - SO 02.png
Image Code: SO 02
Neuronal Branch: Senses
Genetic Mutation? No
Icon: Neuronal Branch - Senses.png
Connects Back To / Revealed By
 •  Olfaction (SO 01)
Connects Forward To / Reveals
 •  Odorant Identification (SO 06)
 •  Threat Localization (SO 03)
Special Requirements

Chemoreceptor Acuity (SO 02) is a neuron located on the Neuronal menu.


The range for detection of the source of an odor is increased.

TAP (button) to use your senses. Choose the Sense Of Smell then follow the steps proposed by the Contextual Actions UI.

How to mature[]

Once a neuron is revealed, the neuron will need to be matured before it can be initiated and learned. Perform the following actions to mature this neuron:

  • (placeholder)

Special requirements[]

There are no special requirements for this neuron.

Neuron location[]

The Senses Neuronal Branch

The Chemoreceptor Acuity (SO 02) neuron is located on the Senses neuronal branch.