Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Wiki

The Canyon biome is one of the many different biomes located in Ancestors.


The Region Canyon Icon.png Canyon biome is between the Region Savanna Icon.png Savanna biome on one side and the Region Ocean Icon.png Ocean biome on the other side.


The Golden Machairous is interesting because they don't follow the normal rules for Machairodus. There is no den for them, they always spawn in a set of two cats, and these two predators will always be found in the Canyon.

It is possible to find Enemy Hyena.png Hyenas in the Canyon even though they don't spawn there. They spawn on top of the The Broken Arch (which is technically the Savanna biome) and can travel into the Canyon biome. This means you are not safe from them in the Canyon so be ready for combat.



The Canyon is a bleak and empty place. This rock-filled, hot, and unforgiving area falls between the Savanna and the Ocean. Found in the Canyon biome, there is an area of desert towards the Ocean side. There isn't an official biome for the desert but the Canyon is the area where the desert can be found.

Important things about the desert are the following:

Differences between the Canyon and the Desert:

  • Gazelles don't live in the closed rock canyon areas.
  • Unlike the closed canyon, the desert is a very open area. Threats can come from anywhere.
  • There is an area whereSenseIcon Scorpion.pngScorpions can be found. However, the swarming group on the ground is easy to walk around to avoid damage.


While the Canyon biome doesn't seem to be a welcoming place, oddly enough it is one of the safest biomes in the closed rock-walled section. While there isn't much easy food to find, there's plenty of weapons and lots of Aloe Vera plants. Only two animals are deadly, they both are easy to see, easy to Intimidate ico 128.png intimidate, and easy enough to kill during combat to provide an ample meat supply. As a bonus, there will be a nest with eggs where ever snakes are found.

Be aware that the MindIcon Powerstone.png ruby on top of the left rock spire is guarded by a deadly Enemy Eagle.png Bateleur Eagle but you will only encounter that animal if you climb that rock spire.

A bonus to this biome is that the Enemy Centipede.png Megarian Banded Centipede won't wander this far and you are safe from that crawling threat.

However, the wide-open desert section of the Canyon is more dangerous than the closed section. A pair of Golden Machairodus roam the area and a Black Machairodus will often spawn as well. This can be perilous as there are no trees or elevated areas to get out of the reach of these aggressive predators.